Saturday, August 11, 2012

About Black Metal and Brews

Black Metal and Brews is a blog committed to the enjoyment of craft beers and all varieties of extreme music. This blog is run out of love and respect for the brewers and musicians who are committed to perfecting their craft. Music shared on this blog for download is either already free on the internet from the original artist or record label, or has been posted with direct permission from the parties responsible for creating it.

I will never contact artists or breweries for free music, beer, or other promotional goods, but will always gladly accept a generous gesture. This blog is here to support the community, not to leech from it in the guise of free press. If I don't like the music or the beer, I would rather decline to write a review than to speak ill of somebody who is putting time and effort into their art. If it isn't right for me, it may still be right for somebody else.

If you are interested in connecting with BMAB, there are multiple avenues:

Email for Ben:
Email for Julio:

If you are looking to have your creative works featured on this blog, the email address is the preferred format. While I prefer having a physical copy in hand so that I can include descriptions of the packaging, I realize that many albums in my genres of choice are created in limited runs. I will not be offended if you elect to send me a .rar or .zip file of an album that you want me to review. Additionally, please be patient. This blog is run by passionate fans of great music, not staff writers who are getting paid for our time. This means that this blog is a hobby--we work full-time day jobs in order to fund doing this for free. Sometimes it takes a few weeks to publish a review. We promise it's worth the wait.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you all enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing each post.

Black Metal & Brews is and always will be free of advertisements. However, if you'd like to help fund my time spent away from the working world and contribute to the frequency of my reviews, you are welcome to send us some money. If you click the Paypal donate button below, you are not only helping support someone whose sole purpose is to support the music community, you are also helping fund the creation of Fermentation, the printed version of Black Metal & Brews, which will hopefully see the light of day in Spring of 2014.