Monday, September 30, 2013

Submission Policy

Many of you have noticed that there are details for submitting to Black Metal & Brews in the "About Black Metal & Brews" tab here on this website. However, as my social media presence has grown, many artists have taken to contacting me via twitter and facebook. While I appreciate the efforts taken in these formats, the sheer volume of requests I receive has grown to a point where I need to set a firmer rule on submissions. If you do not submit your music to me directly at then there is a good chance I will unintentionally ignore your request. Why? Because that email address is where I go to ensure I'm not forgetting anything. If you happen to have found my personal facebook and requested a review there, it's likely that it's lost among messages from friends and family. If you requested via twitter or the official BM&B faceboo, you're just creating more places for me to hunt down your music. I'll always make the effort to support the artists who take the time to submit music, but I'm going to have to be a bit stricter, as I don't like forgetting reviews any more than the artists whose music isn't getting heard.

Long story short: submit your albums to Nothing else. They will go unheard by me and the public. If you're interested in sending physical promo, send an email and I'll reply with mailing information. Thanks for your cooperation in helping me provide the most current and thorough reviews and content.

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