Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Beer Review: Southern Tier's Pumking

(image from Southern Tier's website)

So now that we've reached Halloween itself, it's time to share my absolute favorite pumpkin beer. Southern Tier have made the pumpkin beer that made me forget my dislike for all things pumpkin themed. My skeptical attitude first changed just last autumn, when a friend shared a sip of hers at a bonfire. I instantly knew that I'd be trying every pumpkin beer I could get my hands on when the next autumn began. This experience set me on a pumpkin spree this year. I must say the results were quite mixed. Many of the pumpkin beers I tried were unimpressive, or even downright unpleasant. The few I chose to share surprised me. I wasn't sure if I'd be sold on very many at all. After a month of more pumpkin-y treats than I'd care to admit, this one still stands out on top.

I've had three encounters this year with his highness, the Pumking, and each one proved better than the last. The beer pours a clear and thin amber color, with almost no head to speak of. The scent is so full and wonderful. Rather than smelling disgustingly of pumpkin, the light scent of slightly toasty pumpkin pie is complemented by heavy and tantalizing spices.The taste is equally impressive. Both full of pumpkin and delicious spices, it presents a mixture of nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, and even a hint of possibly ginger or brown sugar. This beer is such an absolute pleasure to drink that I feel it'd be appropriate any time of year. It's warm enough for the winter yet smooth and crisp enough for the spring and summertime. Seriously a top choice. I'll likely be saving an extra bottle or two to enjoy in about six months when I start to miss this season.

I know it's not vanishing with the end of October, but usually this beer's supply dwindles over the next month or two, so I highly recommend grabbing it soon, even if you just plan on hoarding it for a later date. For a pairing, I suggest King Diamond's Fatal Portrait, if for no other reason than the legendary "Halloween." For those curious about the lack of images in this review, I apologize. My wonderful blog queue seems to have deleted images from a couple of my queued posts, and I already deleted the pictures I took from my hard drive. I apologize and will likely keep pictures stored for a slightly longer time.

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