Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BM&B Exclusive: Yersinia Pestis Debuts With New Streaming Song

It's with great excitement that I share this new song from Yersinia Pestis with my readers. If you aren't already familiar with black metal mastermind E's work in BM&B favorite Morthylla, chances are you heard his prior work in Aerugo. With two solid, reputable projects to date, and Morthylla still an active entity, the announcement of this new project shows a drive and passion for creating great black metal in what he views as a stagnant community. Rounding out Yersinia Pestis is the rhythm section of filthy doom trio Sassu Wunnu, whose members are also responsible for providing the vocals here. This is slightly more feral, traditional black metal than the mid-paced somber melodies of Morthylla, so those who might want something more aggressive will feel right at home with Yersinia Pestis. This project is currently preparing for a limited cassette release as part of the Antilight Collective and is seeking a label to release a 12" record. Any labels interested in releasing this on vinyl can make contact through the Antilight website. While we wait for an official release, here's their debut offering, "Altars."

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