Friday, December 21, 2012

Free Music Friday: Nighttime in the Abyss- "Amongst the Dead"

This week's edition of the Free Music Friday feature touches upon an album that would've been an appropriate soundtrack to the overly hyped yet obviously unbelievable apocalypse we were supposed to experience today. Nighttime in the Abyss is a one-man project with the sole purpose of creating audio horror without simply turning all the switches up to eleven.

Rather than simply creating horrific walls of static or friendly drone dirges, Nighttime in the Abyss creates sonic templates designed to create anxiety and uncertainty with each shift in sound. This album in particular is a self-described "[o]dyssey into the world of the undead, as seen by the undead." While many poetic and evocative descriptions come to mind, this is a rather appropriate way of explaining the sounds contained in this album.  There's seldom an outright moment of overwhelming horror here, but there is a constant sense of dread and uneasiness. From the swirling voices and whispers of "After Life, Life is Pain," to the seemingly disintegrating guitar tones of "Spectral Imaginings," this album comes across as the soundtrack to one's fearful thoughts late at night, when all sources of comfort are as distant as the sunlight.

If you're into scaring yourself and imagining the horrible ambiance of the world's end, do yourself a favor and download this stellar release. Nighttime in the Abyss is gearing up to release another album in early 2013 on badGod music, so consider this free download an opportunity to prepare yourself for the next transmission from this promising artist.

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