Friday, January 4, 2013

Free Music Friday: Abhean- "Recollections"

We're starting off 2013's Free Music Friday with a release from a younger label than I typically cover. I had the pleasure of obtaining a copy of Abhean's cassette from Cloister Recordings a month or two ago, but hadn't yet written a proper review due to holiday madness, school, and the like. Now that things are slightly mellower here, I'm able to properly convey the beauty and brilliance of this recording.

This album focuses heavily on nature and natural themes, both in song title and atmosphere. It's very rare that I get the feeling of actually being out in the woods from music, but this release does it quite successfully. "Dreams of Rain" especially captivates and draws me in, with its steady drumbeat setting the stage for the soothing and tranquil sounds of rainfall in a forest.While the whole album brings me serenity, there is an underlying darkness present throughout this recording. Just as being immersed by nature can be beautiful, there can be dangers that hide just outside of our vision. From start to finish, this is an actual journey more than just an attempt at conveying a feeling.  The closing track is a bonus recording from a live performance, and it's certainly the most intense and unsettling track here. Especially after the trance-like state the preceding tracks created for me, this song caught me off guard, but I enjoyed it thoroughly.

As always with Free Music Friday, there's a free download available from Abhean's bandcamp, however I must also recommend the cassette for purchase from Cloister Recordings. In addition to being a beautifully packaged cassette, this tape comes with an 11x17 poster. They're limited to 100 copies, so you should get on it quickly.

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