Sunday, January 20, 2013

Music Review: Breathing Problem- "Reactive Attachment Disorder" CS (Wohrt Records)

Today's post came to me rather unexpectedly. When I heard there would be a new Breathing Problem tape released on Wohrt Records, I knew I had to have it. I was told I'd be in for a depressing experience with this album, but even the most intense of warnings couldn't come close. This is a collection of bleak noise and melancholy sound textures that will instantly darken even the brightest of days, and I love it.

This album brings no semblance of purity, joy, or safety. Breathing Problem skips any pretenses by opening the album up with a track that sounds like the listener has walked in during the middle of something bleak and hideous. Let me make it clear that while I often describe black metal albums on here as being hideous, filthy, or dark, the darkness here goes deeper than anything most metal bands would convey. This album delves into some terribly unpleasant territory that makes me feel rather unsettled, with tracks like "Chemical Aversion" boldly describing some of the sickest thoughts and perversions I've heard committed to tape. If the music didn't carry enough depression and futility by itself, a quick glance and the lyrical content instantly makes me uneasy. The moments with clarity and structure are some of the most terrifying here, as drug addiction, physical abuse, torture, and decay are fetishized with no apology. There are many bands whose music conveys an idea or concept that could trouble some folks, but Breathing Problem do it with conviction. As a fan of challenging and uncomfortable music, I'm thrilled to hear something so truly hideous, but this is definitely not an easy listening experience for even these hardened ears. The music is surprisingly soothing at times for the attitudes conveyed here, but it does little to soften the sensation of being slowly smothered by a parent or other trusted authority figure. 

If you're eager for a depressing journey through textured noise of every nature, then I urge you to obtain this cassette immediately, as I expect all 100 copies will sell out within 24 hours. Supplementing the suffocating experience is some of Wohrt's finest packaging yet. My copy came with a zine-style book, professionally printed with lyrics and graphic imagery. In addition, each package comes with a Breathing Problem button and a small paper poster. If you haven't yet heard any of Breathing Problem's output, this is an excellent release to start your collection. Since the official release has just gone live, I recommend grabbing it as soon as you're able.

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