Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Music 5/29/13: Schrei Aus Stein, Gnashing of Teeth, Twilight Fauna

Schrei Aus Stein- Philosophie CS (Self-Released)
This album from one of the members of BM&B approved group Curseworship is one of the more haunting pieces of black metal I've heard lately. Existing almost exclusively in the space between conventional black metal structures and free-form black noise, the ever-shifting nature of this music keeps it flowing nicely without feeling repetitive. The music is nebulous and ethereal and feels like it was created in some sort of other universe. After two solid original tracks, Schrei Aus Stein includes a sweet Velvet Cacoon cover as a digital bonus track. Buy the tape by clicking on the album title or find it for download on soundcloud.

Gnashing of Teeth- Demo MMXII CDr (Self-Released)
If you've visited this blog before, there's a chance you might be familiar with the black noise madness of Gnashing of Teeth. Aside from curating his own music blog, this man apparently has the time and capacity to make some of the most repulsive music I've heard. This is definitely one of those "if you could call it music" scenarios, which is something I've grown to love. While Gnashing of Teeth will always be an acquired taste, I'll be one of the happy few, sipping on delicious beer while filling the room with high quality black noise. There's definitely an expansion of sound from the split with Enbilulugugal to this release. It's slightly more musical here, but there are still layers of fuzz and filth to either "get past" or wallow in, depending on your attitude towards noise. My recommendation? Just immerse yourself in the void. You'll come out stronger.

Twilight Fauna- Grief CD/CS (Depressive Illusions)
Twilight Fauna is an Appalachian black metal project consisting almost exclusively of just one member who goes by the name Ravenwood. Ravenwood uses this project to convey both murky, dense black metal sadness alongside subtle acoustic passages that provide adequate space for reflection. It's an essential balance when going through such bleak territory, and Twilight Fauna seems to specialize in balance. Each instrument is still easily discerned despite the sheer density of sound and each song is enjoyable in spite of (or perhaps because of) the dissonance and chaos contained within. The depression here seems timeless rather than self-indulgent. Many bands who deal with melancholy seem to be wallowing in it, while this feels more like a portrayal of an ancient, earthy sadness. This album will certainly lower your spirits, but is worth a listen regardless. Purchase a CD directly from the band or a cassette from the label.


  1. I've been waiting the new Schrei aus Stein impatiently since the (sad) end of their old label StarlightTempleSociety, and this new EP is really really good!!

    1. Indeed, most everything I've heard from Schrei Aus Stein has exceeded my expectations. If you're on soundcloud, follow the user "encomiast" for more Schrei Aus Stein tunes! Cheers.