Sunday, October 7, 2012

Beer Review: Capital Brewery's "Platinum Blonde Doppelbock"

This beer is one that was recommended to me by my good friend Jason from my local Whole Foods Market. A decent portion of the beers you see reviewed here have been suggested by this man, and he's served quite well as both the devil and angel on each of my shoulders, assisting me in expanding my own taste in excellent brews. Last week I decided it was high time to give the much neglected doppelbock another try. I had a doppelbock or two out at local pubs and was astonished that I hadn't been drinking these for the past few years. When I walked in to visit Jason, this delicious treat from Capital Brewery is what he shared with me. The label on this beauty says "Platinum Blonde Doppelbock" but glancing around the internet, I can only see their beer "Blonde Doppelbock." I'd love some more information on this one, but I realize I most likely won't learn until after I've posted this.

This beer pours beautifully, with almost no head and a pale gold/amber body. The thing I really enjoy about doppelbocks is the spiciness. It's like a better version of the highly popular pumpkin beer that's going around heavily this time of year. It's a solid beer that isn't trying to taste like anything but a beer, but has some strong delicious spice flavors. Also, much like my beloved Belgian ales, doppelbocks tend to pack quite a punch. This one's no different. For such a smooth and delicious beer, this beer stands tall with 7.8% ABV yet has a certain sweetness I can't quite identify. Perhaps it's the "blonde" portion of this beer's name, but it's even smoother and more drinkable than the other doppelbocks I've consumed in the past couple weeks. I'm seriously enjoying this beer and I wish I'd come home with a four or six pack instead of just this single bottle. Clearly I'll be rectifying that on my next visit to the market.

Casual drinkers of the world, give this one a shot. If you're hesitant to try new varieties (as we all are at times), let this smooth and crisp delight be your introduction to the exciting new world of doppelbocks. I'm enjoying it thoroughly and I hope you will enjoy it as well. Cheers!

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