Friday, November 23, 2012

Free Music Friday: Florida Noise Ordinance Fest 2012 Sampler

This week's Free Music Friday is a tribute to an event I wanted to attend but will be missing due to car troubles. Featuring a lengthy list of artists both new and familiar to me, this compilation is much more than simply a noise-related release. Despite its name, there's a bit of everything noisy here, and not just of the noise genre. From the opening aural nightmare created by BMAB favorites Crowhurst to the strange cut and paste anti-club music of DJ Fucked UP to the swirling static textures of Nature Abhors Normality that closes out the release, this is a chaotic compilation to say the least.

Since I'm not going to list every single artist with a description, I'll give the simple explanation that almost every song here appeals to me in some way, yet very few of these artists sound like each other. If you aren't into one, you may be into another. While I've never been to Miami or Daytona, if this is an accurate depiction of their current musical climate, I can honestly say I'd love to head out that way for a show, as they've got an intense and productive little community.

If you're in Southeast Florida and find yourself wanting a truly cathartic (and ear-punishing) alternative to the Black Friday insanity that plagues our society, make your way out to this music festival and find your new favorite bands. Buy some merch, have a great time, and be sure to give Jay from Crowhurst and Mike from GRIT high-fives for me, since I can't be there to do it myself. If you're not already stoked on this compilation, just visit the bandcamp page and download it for whatever price you see fit. Throw them a couple bucks if you can or just enjoy a sampler of some excellent bands.

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