Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Music Friday: Rectal Hygienics- "Even the Flies Won't Touch You"

This week's cheap and filthy download comes courtesy of my boredom. I rarely take the time to scroll through my facebook feed, as I know a few people who tend to post everything that seems to come to mind. However, last week I must have been awfully bored, because I was cruising around and an acquaintance had posted a link for purchasing this album on cassette. The name and the artwork were intriguing, so I meandered on over to the Rectal Hygienics bandcamp page, where I was presented with this putrid assembly of aggressive, noisy music.

With the name and the hideous artwork, I initially expected this to be a harsh noise artist, but my assumptions were quite far off mark. Instead, Rectal Hygienics create the noisiest, angriest music I've heard in quite a while. The lyrics are blunt and violent, the music is all jagged edges and static, and feedback reigns supreme here. I can imagine these guys playing with bands like Unsane or Today is the Day, yet I think they'd still manage to make the audience uncomfortable. While many bands I review here seem like nice enough fellows, these guys create music that sounds like they'd rob you for drug money. I'm into the swelling and dangerous take on noise rock they've presented here, and the fact that it's streaming free online means you, the readers, have no excuse for not listening to this. The rants and horrific atmosphere remind me of a more desperate version of early Swans, which is high praise if you know me.

It's rare that something this unsettling yet addictive comes my way, but I'm willing to embrace it regardless. If you missed the link to the bandcamp up above, click here for a "name your price" download. If you dig it, be sure to order the tape from the Depravity Label store. You'll be sure to scare the living hell out of anybody who gets close enough to you on the road when you're playing this one.

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