Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fury 161- "Purify" mp3 single. Free Download.

Greetings readers. I feel it's safe to assume that most of you aren't familiar with Fury 161, the aggressive death industrial act featuring Corvus of BM&B favorite Project: Void. Fury 161 has chosen today to debut their single, "Purify," a track of crawling industrialized mayhem. Static percussion and depraved vocals clash with glitchy madness surrounding. Not a single instrument is working to create solace in this track, instead the whole thing sounds like a great dying machine trying to envelop as much of its surroundings as possible before it shuts down for the last time. This group has just signed up for an official Facebook page and have announced an upcoming full-length album entitled "Armageddon's Maw" which will be released by Bugs Crawling Out of People. While the world at large may be frightened by such chaos, we devoted few can enjoy this free download while we await the release of Fury 161's debut album.

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