Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Beer Review: Grimbergen Blonde Ale

Lately I've been paying favor to a lot of my beloved dark, thick beers, so here's a review of a lighter ale to keep things friendly for all of my readers. Grimbergen are a Belgian brewery that has been in operation as an abbey since 1128 and brews in a properly enjoyable fashion. Aside from having a name that evokes a lot of black metal imagery, Grimbergen's Blonde Ale is a delicious and smooth beer that sits just heavily enough to be noticeable and is just light enough to be highly drinkable.

This beer is a strong testament to the power of the Belgians in all of their brewing endeavors. While I tend to prefer stronger beers, especially Quadruppels, even this pale beer is more refreshing and enjoyable than some of its American cousins. The sweetness and color of this beer are very similar to many Hefeweizens, yet this beer is higher in alcohol (6.7%) and richer in flavor, with a clearer body. I can't say how this stands against most Belgian Blondes, because I usually drink heavier beers, but it's damn tasty and refreshing. I could see myself having a couple of these to sip on at a social gathering if I'm trying to have a drink in hand for most of the night.

As this beer is light yet not wimpy, I'm going to recommend pairing this delicious treat with In Flames' melodic death metal classic "Lunar Strain." While it's a bit outside of the genre for this blog, the two are perfectly paired for each other. Enjoy some sweet solos while you drink a smooth beer.

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