Saturday, December 8, 2012

Beer Review: Shmaltz' Coney Island Bourbon-Aged Human Blockhead

Well, this beer's name is a mouthful to say the least. Made by my beloved Shmaltz, this is their doppelbock, the Human Blockhead, but with a little extra kick somewhere in the process. The bourbon aging adds a smooth but noticeable bite to the drink, something I find I enjoy quite a bit. The dark and sweet caramel flavors compliment the light burn of the barrels this delicious beverage was aged within. I'd long been enticed by the comical mascot on the bottle, and I'm glad I finally made the commitment to purchasing a bottle for my own enjoyment. While I've yet to have the standard Human Blockhead, it just moved up many notches on my growing list of drinks to try. I recommend you find this delicious rarity before it vanishes again.

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