Sunday, December 2, 2012

Quick Fix: Unibroue's "Maudite" Gift Set

Hey there readers, it's time for a quick fix, and this one's a bit unique. This is the first time I'm reviewing a gift set rather than just a beer on its own, so we'll see how this one goes for me. I've never had Maudite before purchasing it in this box set, but after seeing the snifter included and the stellar price (I paid only about ten bucks for mine), I had to have it.

The beer pours a heavy brown with a very thick, foamy head, that lingers around for quite a while. This is my first drink at home from a proper snifter, and I'm excited by this one in particular. The ominous gargoyle on this is perfect for a metal-loving beer nerd like myself, and while I'm still learning about the shape of a glass in relation to its impact on the drinking experience, I'm happy to have a new style of glass in my cabinet. In this particular beer, it really seems to fill out the nose, providing a massive experience. Much like the heavy nose, a sip of this beer provides a relatively hoppy, yet notably fruity and delicious beer. It mentions on the box that this beer can be paired successfully with spicy food, and I'm enjoying it alongside a bowl of painfully spicy homemade chili. The two are absolutely suited to each other and I'm having a great time. Given the price and the beauty of this set as a whole, I highly recommend getting this for yourself or the beer snob in your life. Cheers!

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