Monday, February 11, 2013

Batch 69 Double Cream Ale (Cigar City)

As a Tampa resident, I often get to enjoy many rare and fantastic beers that those outside of my area can't easily obtain. While I know that local brewery Cigar City is rapidly making a name for itself within the craft beer community, I'm not sure how easy it is to find some of their special releases like this. I feel quite fortunate to live nearby, as this American strong ale is mighty delicious.

While similar in color and body to many IPAs, this beer has less of a hoppy bite and more of the light citrus flavor that is characteristic of the style. This beer isn't an IPA though, so there are a few other qualities that distinguish this from some of its hoppy cousins. There's a noticeable sweetness here, with hints of cantaloupe and vanilla playing on my tongue to balance out some of the lighter characteristics that I'm less fond of. This beer has the sweet maltiness of my favorite dark beers but with a drinkability that is generally reserved for lighter ales. This beer could easily bridge the gap in drinking habits for fans of dark and light beers alike.

While you may have to hunt a bit to find this amusingly named brew, it's worth every second (and penny) you spend obtaining it. Grab a bottle while they last, I'm not sure how long you can find this treat.

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