Friday, February 22, 2013

Imperial Stout (Moa Brewing Company)

To be honest, I'm surprised by this beer. Moa's a brewery based in New Zealand, a nation that I haven't exactly become acquainted with in terms of beer. After reviewing Blood of the Moon last week, I decided that if New Zealand's musical community was surprisingly awesome, perhaps their brews would be equally impressive. My hunch was absolutely correct.

Aged in oak pinot noir barrels, this beer has all of the bite one tends to expect from an imperial stout, with a noticeable hint of pinot's rich, dry sweetness. While it's unlikely you'll ever see a wine review in here (I can't really afford a thirty dollar per bottle habit), I do enjoy a good bottle or glass in my time, so it's nice to see pinot noir fused with a stout. Marrying two of my favorite alcoholic substances is something I often think of, but I've not experienced very many successful executions. Liquor barrels often make for good beers, but I can't think of another wine barrel aged beer that I've consumed in recent days. Inclusion of wine aside, even adventurous drinkers and lovers of stouts will enjoy this rich, fulfilling drink. It's got enough taste to set itself apart from the pack, yet enough of the trademarks of a good imperial stout to sit firmly with folks who aren't looking for something completely off the wall.

This beer is in stock pretty much year round, so I urge you readers to go find yourself a bottle wherever you're able. This may be my first beer from New Zealand, but I don't anticipate it will be my last. International readers, please send me information about some of your favorite local beers. I'd love to start documenting communities that are generally unheard of. Thanks for reading, cheers!


  1. Love that beer. They make a beer called Breakfast which is also killer. For another great NZ brew, find the iStout from 8 Wired Brewing...

    1. I've heard good things about most Moa beverages, although I've never heard of 8 Wired or any of their beers. I'll keep an open for their brews. Thanks!