Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grolsch Kanon (Grolsche Bierbrouwerij Ned.)

One of the few small unexpected perks that has come with running a blog about things I love is that sometimes I make contact with people who share my interests. One of the more surprising fellows with whom I've made acquaintance is actually a resident of Utrecht, Netherlands, and in addition to geeking out about music with each other, he's apparently a bit of a beer fanatic himself. When he offered to share some of his favorite regional beers, I couldn't deny myself the opportunity. The package took nearly three weeks to arrive, but it contained some music, a t-shirt, and two bottles of exotic and promising new beer. The music and the other bottle of beer will be covered soon, but I couldn't wait for the chance to talk about this one.

Examining the label, I'm instantly familiar with the Grolsch name due to their standard lighter fare available here in the states, but I'd neither seen nor heard of this beer before. While the color and the scent gave this drink the appearance of a standard pilsner or typical light beer, a sip changed my opinion instantly. What appeared to be an honest yet uninspired bottle of beer proved tastier and more surprising than some beers I'd spend decent money on here in the states. Maybe we're just too set on watering down our own drinks, but at 11.6% alcohol by volume and with a sweet, rich flavor, I'm kinda feeling disappointed in the overall beer climate here in the USA. Not that we're lost at sea or anything, but the swill we often sell and consider "ordinary" is really not that compelling when viewed in the same light as well-made beer like this.

I'm not sure how to recommend my readers obtain this beer, but if you're ever in the Netherlands or if you have the good fortune to arrange a beer trade with someone out that way, give this one a shot. The label and the initial impressions will almost trick you into thinking you don't have an extraordinary drink in your hands, but don't be fooled. Enjoy yourself.

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  1. It's a pretty cheap malt liquour over here, but it doesn't taste half bad.
    Get La Chouffe.